Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1969

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Artistic creations - words, images, or music - by members of the Class of 1969.


Chris Arnold

Documentary: Trans

Robin Batteau

Song: Red Shoes and Golden Hearts



Tom Bussing

Oil painting: Portrait of Helen



Helen Bettman Cohen

Painting: from Bird Series

Copyright © Helen Bettman Cohen /



John Coster

Song: Back to America



Ghislaine de Give




Alec Emerson

     Fifteen Accomplishments, One Surprise

     Five gray hairs,
     four barns,
     three houses,
     two inventions,
     one book of poems.
     This doesn't rhyme, of course.

     But, in 1978,
     in Thetford, Vermont,
     I fell in love
     with a horse.



Lisa Erdberg

Photograph: Upon Reflection

Lisa Erdberg   Upon Reflection

Copyright © Lisa Erdberg /



John Forster

Video: In The Closet




Carol Ginandes

Photograph: Child's Dream from the Outer Cape Portfolio

 Copyright © Carol Ginandes /


Rachel Hadas

     The Red Hat

     It started before Christmas. Now our son
     officially walks to school alone.
     Semi-alone, it’s accurate to say:
     I or his father track on the way.
     He walks up on the east side of West End,
     we walk on the west side. Glances can extend
     (and do) across the street; not eye contact.
     Already ties are feelings and not fact.
     Straus Park is where these parallel paths part;
     he goes alone from there. The watcher’s heart
     stretches, elastic in its love and fear,
     toward him as we see him disappear,
     striding briskly. Where two weeks ago,
     holding a hand, he’d dawdle, dreamy, slow,
     he now is hustled forward by the pull
     of something far more powerful than school.

     The mornings we turn back to are no more
     than forty minutes longer than before,
     but they feel vastly different-flimsy, strange,
     wavering in the eddies of this change,
     empty, unanchored, perilously light
     since the red hat vanished from our sight.



Diana Mara Henry

Photograph: Student-Faculty Advisory Committee meeting with President Nathan Pusey, in Lowell JCR

Copyright © Diana Mara Henry /



Jonathan Hoffman

Song: Aftermath


Jonathan writes, "With every class reunion, we're all drawing closer to our obituaries, so we might as well start writing them now, while we still have a chance to make a difference in what they might say."



Eugen Indjic

Piano: Chopin - Mazurka Op. 63 No. 3



Joshua Jacobson

Conducting: Thompson - Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood
Northeastern University Choral Society


Brian Kahin

Film: Barbara Baby



Tonu Kalam

Conducting: Tchaikovsky - Suite from Swan Lake, Op. 20: Hungarian Dance
University of North Carolina Symphony Orchestra



Michael Kapetan

Wood Carving: Moses the Lawgiver, from Tree of Judah

Copyright © Michael R. Kapetan /



Stephen Kelly

     Translation of Pindar, Olympian 14

     To Asopichos, son of Kleodamos, of Orchomenos,
     Victor in the Boys' Foot-race at Olympia

     Orchomenos, sweetest of antique places,
     Lapped by a stream, charmed by Aglaia's songs,
     Good land for raising colts — oh, may the Graces
     Bless you and make my chant of praises strong.

     For all the sweetness asnd the joys we know
     The Graces bring to pass, and make a man
     Turn wise or fair or famous as he grows —
     The Graces, throned by Zeus since time began.

     You goddesses of Grace, you gorgeous names,
     Thalia, Aglaia, and Euphrosyne
     Smile on our reeling dance as we proclaim
     Asopichos, the boy you blessed today.

     Echo, to Hades waft the good news down,
     Seek out his father, tell him that his son
     Has set on his long, boyish hair tghe crown
     Of soaring triumph at Olympia won.


     July 2015



Dick Lavine

Photograph: Katydid, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Copyright © Richard Lavine /



Alex MacLean

Photograph: Dinghies Clustered Around Dock, Duxbury, Massachusetts


Copyright © Alex MacLean /



David McClelland

Harvard Lampoon Cover, November 19, 1966: Bayeux Travesty


Works by David C. K. McClelland /



El McMeen

Video: Fair Harvard medley

 Copyright © El McMenn /



Doug McMillan

Song: Name Tags (A Song About Class Reunions)



Neil Rolnick

Concerto: Gardening at Gropius House



R. Allison Ryan

Photograph: Images of Iceland


Copyright © R. Allison Ryan /



Elizabeth Nadas Seamans

Video: Cops and Kids

Elizabeth writes, "Because of recent events, I chose this police training documentary which is part of a project we made with the Yale Child Study Center and Boston Medical Center under the auspices of The Fred Rogers Company."



Lee Smith

Photograph: Weathered Door

Copyright © Lee Smith /



Rad Smith

Requiem Shark

This morning as I gulp five gleaming white
capsules of shark cartilage
to make me strong again, I want
another look at the terrible
eye with its nictitating membrane,
those extravagant fins,
the ampullae of Lorenzini freckling its snout,

all of that huge body on the rippled sand
in turtle grass
with an entourage of neon-blue barjacks,
and a remora wriggling in
and out of its gill-slits.
I even want to touch it again,
and this time not just with my fingertips,
but my palm, loveline and lifeline,
my wrist, the underside of my forearm.
I want to press my cheek against its chaste
astonishing skin smooth as a headstone,
want the touch that feels like a blow,
the summoning touch, the touch
of reckoning, the consummating touch, as well as
the stinging sandblown touch of regret,
the stranger's touch on the train,
the reproachful touch,
even the last touch of a human
who has lain down with a shark, 
the touch I have spent my life so ignorant of,
your touch as you unbutton my shirt,
the searing, unbearable touch.



Anne Whiston Spirn

Photograph: Waves and Harbor Wall, Sydney, Australia

Copyright © Anne Whiston Spirn /



Crystal Woodward

Ink, oil, and acrylic on paper: Memories of Tsunami  (detail)



The Class is eager to present examples of the creative work of our classmates: photography, painting, sculpture, craft, short prose, poetry, or music.

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about including your digital image, sound file, video, or text.