Website of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1969

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Published works - books, music, or video - by members of the Class of 1969.

Each publication has a classmate as author, co-author, editor, musician, or actor.


Tested by Zion:
The Bush Administration and
the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Elliott Abrams


Hallelujah Junction

John Adams


The Civil Sphere

Jeffrey Alexander


Trans (DVD)

Christopher Arnold


Love Remembered Love Forgot (CD)

Robin Batteau

  Batteau Love

Marriage as Spritual Practice (CD)

Antra Kalnans Borofsky


The Pharmacological Basis
of Therapeutics

Lawrence Brunton


The World According to Wavelets

Barbara Burke Hubbard


Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an
American Century (DVD)

Paula Caplan
Executive Producer/Writer

  Paula Caplan Isaac Pope

Green Fluorescent Protein

Martin Chalfie


Lost Horizon (CD)

John Coster


The Feast of Santa Fe

Huntley Dent


The Evolution of Human Societies:
From Foraging Group to Agrarian State

Timothy Earle


Blinding Pain, Simple Truth:
Changing Your Life Through
Buddhist Meditation

Richard Ellis


Another Victory, By George !

Alec Emerson


Ruskin: The Genesis of Invention

Sheila Emerson


North Carolinians
in the Era of the Civil War
and Reconstruction

Paul Escott


Leading in a Diverse & Conflicted World:
Crucial Lessons for the 21st Century

John Fernandez


Island Naturalist

Kathie Fiveash


Broadsides (CD)

John Forster


Healing the Soul
in the Age of the Brain

Elio Frattaroli

  Frattaroli Healing


Ernest Irving Freese's
Geometric Transformations

Greg N. Frederickson

  Frederickson Transformations.jpg

Too Many Hyenas

Berkeley F. Fuller-Lewis


Cancer Survivorship

Patricia Ganz


Deductive Logic

Warren Goldfarb


The Future

Al Gore

  Gore Future

Sizing Up the Universe

J. Richard Gott


A History of
Modern Aesthetics

Paul Guyer


The Iphigenia Plays

Rachel Hadas, translator


The Hidden Curriculum in
Health Professional Education

Frederic W. Hafferty and
Joseph F. O'Donnell, editors

  Hafferty & O'Donnell.jpg

Will We Save Ourselves? A Novel

James O. Hall


E. Franklin Frazier and
Black Bourgeosie

Robert L. Hall, Contributor

  Hall Frazier

Principles of Economics in Context

Jonathan Harris


A Life in Photography

Diana Mara Henry

  Diana Henry A Life.jpg

For Dog Lovers Only (CD)

Jonathan Hoffman


Surviving Large Losses

Philip Hoffman


Short Cuts: A Guide
to Oaths, Ring Tones, Ransom Notes, Famous Last Words, and Other Forms of Minimalist Communication

Nicholas Humez


DavidsbĂĽndler & Kreisleriana (CD)

Eugen Indjic


Here To There...And Then Some

Bob Issenman

  Issenman Here to There.jpg

Women in Charge:
Dilemmas of Women in Authority

Eileen Jacobson

  Jacobson Women in Charge.jpg

Chanting the Hebrew Bible

Joshua Jacobson


Miracles & Sacrilege

Bruce Johnson


Emperor (DVD/Blu-ray)

Tommy Lee Jones


Trending Toward #Justice

Kenneth Jost

  jost trending

Practically Fictive

Brian Kahin


A Life in History

David Kaiser

  Kaiser A Life.jpg

Balanchine & the Lost Muse:
Revolution & the Making of a Choreographer

Elizabeth Kendall


The Right to Vote:
The Contested History of Democracy
in the United States

Alexander Keyssar


Breast Imaging

Daniel B. Kopans

  Kopans Breast Imaging.jpg

The Silent Deep:
The Discovery, Ecology, and
Conservation of the Deep Sea

Tony Koslow


Homomorphic Converters

Tom La Farge


Networking and Success
Since Benjamin Franklin

Pamela Walker Laird


Shadow Work: the unpaid,
unseen jobs that fill your day

Craig Lambert


Processes and Management
for Ecosystem Services

Eric W. Larsen and others

   Larsen Floodplains.jpg

The City at Three P.M.:
Writing, Reading, and Traveling

Peter LaSalle


Graphing Technology Guide

Benjamin N. Levy


The Wise Inheritor’s Guide to Freedom from Wealth

Charles A. Lowenhaupt

  Lowenhaupt Freedom from Wealth.jpg

The Large Economy
of the Beautiful

Phoebe MacAdams

  MacAdams Large Economy.jpg

the great Sex Secret

Kim Marshall


Growing Up in God's Country:
A Memoir

El McMeen

  McMeen Growing Up.jpg

Life, Limericks and
the Pursuit of Happiness

Douglas McMillan


The Methuselarity Transformation

Rick Moskovitz


In My Father's Study

Ben Orlove


The Stepfamily Handbook::
From Dating, to Getting Serious,
to forming a "Blended Family"

Patricia Papernow

  Papernow Stepfamily Handbook.jpg

Citizens Divided:
Campaign Finance Reform and the Constitution

Robert C. Post


Numerical Recipes:
The Art of Scientific Computing

William H. Press

  Press NR 

Miniature and the
English Imagination

Melinda Alliker Rabb

  Rabb-Sample Cover.jpg

Reinventing Schools

Charles M. Reigeluth


Gospel of Freedom

Jonathan Rieder


Gardening at Gropius House (CD)

Neil Rolnick


A Lot of People Are Saying:
The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy

Nancy Rosenblum and Russell Muirhead

  Rosenblum A Lot of People.jpg

Cultural Considerations

Joan Shelley Rubin

  Rubin Cultural


William Sargent




Pasolini Requiem

Barth David Schwartz

  Schwartz Passolini.jpg

Slouching Toward Utopia
Essays and Reviews

George Scialabba


Numerical Relativity: Solving Einstein's Equations on the Computer

Stuart Shapiro


Lifestyle Modification to Control
Heart Disease: Evidence and Policy

Donald S. Shepard


Distant Early Warning

Rad Smith

  Rad Smith.jpeg

a new Shakespearean poem?

Sarah Smith

  new shakespearean poem.jpg

The Language of Landscape

Anne Whiston Spirn


Reimagining the Soul:
Afterlife in the Age of Matter

Douglas Stokes

  Stokes Reimagining

5 Easy Theses

James Stone


Shopping Our Way to Safety

Andrew Szasz


Emerging Viruses in
Human Populations

Edward Tabor


Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

Michael G. Thompson
and Dan Kindlon

  Thompson - Raising Cain.jpg

Reclaiming Conversation

Sherry Turkle


A Symphony for Shelbie

Carl Vigeland

  Vigeland - A Symphony.jpg

Nietzshe's Corps/e:
Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the
Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life

Geoff Waite


Dancing with Einstein: A Novel

Kate Wenner



The Class is eager to include examples of the published work of our classmates: book, music, or video.

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about including your publication.