Neither the University nor our Class has any current contact information (as of June 2019) for these classmates, so we cannot communicate with them at all.

If you know them, please encourage them to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so they can be included in future communications from the Class.


Luis M. Acuna
Francisco S. Aquino, Jr.
Kathleen A. Birk
Zoe Bolles
John K. Bragg, Jr.
Richard G. B. Davies
Serge A. Diakoff
Morrison L. Edwards
Charles A. Fel
Petur Gudjonsson
C. Peter Hlavacek
Robert W. Jannino
Kent R. Johnson
William C. Loos
James B. Marshall, Jr.
Alexander N. Mason
Colette Mary O'Keeffe
Alan D. Weaver
Bernard C. D. Wilmot
Robert Lee Wolff, Jr.
Stephen F. Zebal, Jr.